• Enduranz 150mg 10 capsules

A highly-effective food supplement for men, Enduranz is specially formulated to contain Tongkat Ali (Long Jack), Gotu Kola, and Horesradish Tree (Malunggay) leaves. These three herbs have a long history of use among Southeast Asian men.

One of the herbs that power Enduranz, Tongkat Ali, helps bring back the normal testosterone level of men that has declined with age. Studies show that Tongkat Ali can help men with infertility problems and erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among aging males. It is estimated that 40-70% of men from ages 40 and up suffer from this condition. Men with diabetes, heart disease, and emotional problems are most likely to have erectile dysfunction.

  • Capsules: 10caps
  • Dosage: 350mg
  • Intake: Twice a day, take one capsule 10 minutes before every meal.

Furthermore, the testosterone level of men becomes three times lower by their 60th birthday. When they eventually reach their 80th birthday, their testosterone level could have declined by as much as 50-70% relative to the level when they were 20 years old (andropause).

Enduranz takes care of that, this multi-herb food supplement helps men regain their vitality.

Take Enduranz twice a day, 1 capsule 10 minutes before meals.

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Enduranz 150mg 10 capsules

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